Friday, January 10, 2014

scent of the day

During the summer, when I was co-managing the Farmers' Market here in town, I purchase a huge beautiful bouquet of homegrown lavender from one of our vendors.  Here's a photo, from the summer, of the bucket of bouquets from which I chose mine:

My bouquet has been hanging to dry in my kitchen, and this morning, to cheer me and scent the house, I decided to strip the branches and make a few little sachets from the lavender buds.

Our little house smells wonderful!  I am searching for some little mesh bags (which I have gotten from ordering perfume samples throughout the years) that don't smell like perfume, so I can use those mesh bags for sachets.   In the meantime, the little bowl of lavender is sitting next to me, making me smile!



    1. Oh neat, Laurie - thanks for the link!!


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