Tuesday, January 7, 2014

cold snap and roasting peppers

Last night, our thermometer registered at -9 F. I was up until very late (3:00 am) because I was kind of freaking out, since two of the pipes to our downstairs bathroom froze, and the sewer line backed up (yuck!). My husband is still in California, taking care of his ailing mom, so I have been on my own for a bit. Of course, he received a call from me - fortunately there is a three hour time difference so I was only calling him at midnight!

The downstairs bathroom, and the back porch, were added on to our house at some point after the house was initially built, and there is no insulation except for the inside wall which is next to the dining room.  (Our house was probably built, or as I like to say 'was born' in the 1860s or '70s and in general doesn't have a ton on insulation.) 

But earlier in the day, when the temperature was going down down down, I heated up the house by roasting all those peppers from my bartering day.

A full gorgeous quart of them, which are now marinating with oil and vinegar in the fridge.

Made me thankful that I didn't get baby chicks this fall - I would have been REALLY worried about them! We'll be getting a new flock in the next month or so.  

This should be the last really cold day - in fact, by Saturday the temperature may be up in the 40s!

Hope everyone who is dealing with this Arctic Vortex is keeping warm and safe.


  1. Roasted peppers, yum! I'm just thinking of all the money you saved by doing your own instead of buying those tiny expensive jars at the grocers.

    Hope the heat is back on and the pipes fixed real soon.


    1. Good morning, Darla! Yep so much less expensive! And why I also do 'sun dried' tomatoes - I look at those little jars at the store and smile!

      Heat never went out, actually (knock on wood) - hoping that they don't burst, but the temp is up to nearly 18 degrees now! Whoot.

  2. I adore them...... We don't get enough in wales x

    1. Hello John! Wish I could send some to you! They're quite easy to make, too. All you do is roast the peppers for about 20 minutes, peel off the charred skins, pop them in a jar with oil and vinegar, and keep in the fridge. Going to check your blog to see what's up.


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