Sunday, January 5, 2014

bartering, and a question about merging blogs

On Friday, a woman I know in town, who runs an organic buying group and is also involved along with me and a few others with coordinating the Winter Market here, needed a ride into Cleveland proper to go to the Food Terminal to pick up her weekly produce for the group.  Her car was not working, so I volunteered.

I'm a big fan of bartering so when she said she wanted to give me 20 bucks for the ride, I turned her down and when she was insistent I suggested that we barter.  That worked for her too; but man oh man, look at all the stuff she gave me!!!

(sweet potato seconds...will be used up soon for dog treats)

(SIX bags of potatoes!)

Much more than 20 bucks worth of food, right!? And ORGANIC as well.  I can not eat all of this before some goes bad, so I portioned some of the produce into two boxes - one for my friend Nick and his three boys, and the other for my son and his wife.  

As the sweet potatoes were seconds, I needed to get them into the dehydrated quick!  Yep, eight full trays - treats for Sephora!  (oh dear, that dehydrated needs a good washing - it has been sitting on top of the hutch in the kitchen for a bit. I really need to tend to things better)

Okay so now for the question to those of you who follow/read this blog:  I have another blog, about perfume, and although that blog has been in existence longer than this one, I have found that I am posting more about my home/craft life.  I'm thinking about merging the two blogs as I'm feeling too compartmentalized.  So I'm wondering, what do you think?   And because that other blog is older, I may just merge this blog into that one.  I am still not sure what I'm going to do - I'm a Libra so this decision may take awhile! ;)  But hearing suggestions/comment/ideas from you all is very welcome and needed.


  1. One blog one life makes things easier. It all has to do with home and the things that bring you joy. My dehydrator looks worse it had tomatoes in it last and boy they stain. The dog treats...such a clever idea. What an awesome barter. Avocados too. Yum! Mashing and freezing the potatoes when you have a lot makes for a quick side dish.

    1. Thanks so much for the input, OFH! I'm glad that my dehydrator isn't the only one. The dog treats are wonderful - Sephora LOVES them and now I don't have to worry about her getting sick from bad treats.

      That link is wonderful - I pinned it for future reference - thanks!

    2. It might be a family thing my mothers food dehydrator always looked like a stained mess too. Love how many trays you have mine is only 5 trays.

    3. I must be related, then! ;)
      I got a great deal on for this dehydrator (and the inserts for drying leathers and herbs!)

  2. I vote for one blog, you probably post interesting stuff that I miss since this is the blog I've bookmarked.

    What a great barter. Nice that you found a way to use it all too.


    1. Thanks Darla! The more I think about it, the more I think that I'll keep this one, archive my other one, and include perfume posts here. But then again, my thoughts may change tomorrow! But I'll keep you all posted!

  3. I branched off from Obsessions, then branched off again, then pulled all those tentacles back into the original blog. I definitely agree that one blog for some reason works better, and I keep telling myself that every time my brain tries to say, "Y'know, wants to hear about all that stuff in one place..."

    So the merging is dandy, though you shouldn't scare a person like that! I misread your post Over There and thought you were stopping altogether.

    Also, I'd recommend that you post at least a couple more times over there, pointing to here, because I failed to realize that here existed and others might too.

    1. Hey Martha!! I'm so glad you found your way here. I was first thinking of keeping bloody frida and getting rid of this one, but I realised that I had more photos on this blog, and photos don't transfer when you merge blogs. BTW I love your non-perfume posts on your blog. Sorry I scared you!


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