Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a sweet treat

With a little left-over federal tax refund money, I treated myself to two vintage Little Tom pop bottles from Ebay.  After my Easter post, I became a bit nostalgic. They are now proudly displayed in my china cabinet.

Fun link here - everyone seems to be raving about the Cream Soda, which was a big hit with me, too. I remember fighting over the last bottle of it with one of my brothers on more than one occasion.

...along with some fancy stemware from my Gramma E...

Monday, April 21, 2014

a few things

Yesterday I attempted to tackle the weed bed.  I gave up after 15 minutes.  It's been taken over by ground ivy, so I decided that I'll gather some cardboard and/or landscaping fabric and smother the dang stuff, and then cover with mulch. I'm not sure what I despise more - ground ivy or buckthorn.

The husband spent many hours in the basement, cleaning up the floor. Because our basement tends to flood, and because we use clumping cat litter, the basement was absolutely disgusting.  So he methodically took care of that mess. The basement floor has never been so clean and sweet-smelling.

Since I was feeling guilty that I wasn't accomplishing much of anything, I pruned some rose bushes (late, I know) and then made a very simple upcycled tee-shirt, katwise-style.  I had three identical long sleeved tee-shirts (in three different colors - btw, I do that a lot.  If I find something that works, I buy a couple of them.  I like uniforms) and each of them had holes or stains but the fabric is so nice and soft I didn't want to put them in the rag drawer.

I cut away the areas where there had been stains or holes, and serged together.  I only used two of the tees to make this, and maybe I'll cut down the sleeves. I like the tunic length of this.

used our wisteria trellis on the front porch to hang the shirt on for lighting purposes
For dinner, I treated us to take-out at The Feve - he had the Buffalo Shishtawouk (with masochistic sauce) and I had The O.T. (a pulled pork w/cole slaw sandwich, named for Officer Tim).

Today I think I'll make another tee from pieces and parts.  Not sure yet. I didn't wake up until after 10:00 a.m. this morning and I'm still drinking my morning coffee.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014


When I was a kid, I loved Easter.  It was one of three times in the year we got candy. And maybe I'm mis-remembering, but I think our Dad would buy us those cases of Little Tom's pop.  Maybe not. Maybe we only got Little Tom's for graduations or other special events.

I loved the corsages that Dad would buy for all us girls (and Mom). And the egg dyeing. And the lamb-shaped cake. And the church decorations were always so pretty.

Easter 1969 - Mom was behind the camera
Our parents aka The Easter Bunny would hide our Easter baskets throughout the house, and we would tear around, trying to find ours and trying not to divulge the location of another siblings' if we found theirs first.

Two of my siblings were born around Easter, and there is a story in the family about a hard-boiled egg that was forgotten, and left to stink up the house while our mother was still in the hospital, so when she came home with the newborn, it was quite the olfactory shock.  Weird that I really don't remember this.

I celebrated Easter when my son was young, and I still have all the decorations to prove it. But since he's grown, and married,  and I am not Catholic/Christian anymore, today is just another day.

But for those of you who still celebrate this day, Happy Easter!

scented sunday: quick sniffs

Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning.  There it happens again - the "this smells familiar".  I guess that is to be expected after awhile in the perfume-sniffing world.

Here's the notes: Saffron, turmeric, basmati rice, palm flower, orange blossom, sandalwood, cedarwood. You'd think I would be all over this one, but I'm not.  The cedar is annoying the heck out of me, making me think of shaving cream, and giving me an sharp eye headache.

The lovely Rita from the now quiet Left Coast Nose wrote this.  And thanks to Aromi for the sample, and check out his review, too.

Keiko Mecheri Oliban. Oh my, now this is such a pretty thing. A really pretty thing. I wouldn't say no to a large decant of this. And of course I like it - incense and rose. Interesting that the cedar in this one doesn't put me off.  Here's Katie's review:

Two more reviews:  One from Portia and another by Abigail at I Smell Therefore I Am.

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold.  I dabbed some on from my sample, and wasn't immediately impressed. But boy does this baby grow on me.  Not enough to fall into the 'I gotta have it' category, but I really like the slight weirdness to it. And the longevity. Gold osmanthus, plum, angel's trumpet, saffron, cinnamon, midnight candy, leather, woods.  Read what Marina had to say about it.

So two out of three - not bad, not bad at all.

Today I must get in the yard and do some clean-up.  My weed bed is getting ridiculous.  (My weed bed is my perennial bed that last year became mostly weeds, and if I don't do anything about it soon, it's going to stay that way forever.)  EDIT:  And no, this is not a reference to 4/20!  PS:  The ground ivy has taken over; not sure now how I'll properly weed that darned bed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

what to wear, what to wear

Yesterday's post about the boot cuffs, and the photo I took of myself wearing them, was my first step into the fashion/personal style blogging world.  I'm sneaky, aren't I?

For years, the only fashion-type blog I ever followed was Advanced Style.  I have followed art bloggers who make their own clothes and/or upcycle.  Most notably Rice of Notes from the Voodoo Cafe and it was through her and her blog that I have done a few upcycled and hand-stitched articles of clothing. - my crappy ratty gauze skirt (click here to see the finished product) and an upcycled denim jumper/dress with some embellishments.

And of course, Katwise.  I have washed and set aside the sweaters to attempt to make a pull-over Katwise-style.  But I have a feeling I won't get to that project until the fall.

But only very recently have I been obsessed with the fashion/personal style blogs that mostly deal with vintage and 'gently-used' clothing.  Plus some of these folks make their own clothes, too! And I have Jayne from Thrifty, Crafty Things to thank for that!! I need to think a little bit more about what I wear; I have become much too dull lately.

Here are a few links to some more personal style blogs I started following recently:

Helga Von Trollop!

Vintage Vixen

Pull Your Socks Up

Fashion and Pho

For your entertainment: 1982 art school film - I wish I still had that outfit, especially that headpiece!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

boot cuffs

As you all know, I cannot watch TV without knitting, so I had to come up with something new to knit as I have about a zillion caps and I really don't need to knit many more than that.

What is simple and cute? And something I can sell at the markets in the late summer/early fall.   I decided to knit some boot cuffs.  They're kind of like dickeys for your legs.

Now that they're done, I'm thinking...what the heck?  Do people actually wear these?  I would wear long socks or leggings or something in the winter for warmth. Won't they fall down?  I should wear them around today.

Hmmmm.  Okay so I did wear them around today.  But I was thinking about them too much - are they riding up?  Is the cable still in the middle?

But I can see why some people might like them, especially in the summer if you're wearing boots and don't want the added bulk of a heavy sock/legging.  Maybe I'll make some out of cotton.

men at work

The new water main project reached our house this morning.

photo taken from our front porch
looking east from the sidewalk - the white truck is our in driveway
No photos of actual men at work - I was a bit shy to take their photo - so I guess I should have titled this 'machines at work'.  Asked the guys if our water will be affected.  They said not yet, but will notify us when it does.

Sephora is doing pretty good - she's not barking too much.  Pheww!

And yes, that's snow.  Hopefully the last until next Winter.


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